Introduction to Visual Basic 2005

Introduction to Visual Basic 2005

So it’s a good set of learning information to start programming
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Introduction to Visual Basic is Complete Lesson Package, which contains Article, Project code files and Video. It is beginner’s guide and designed for people with little or no prior knowledge of computer languages, who want to learn to program by using the Visual Basic language and who has some previous programming experience, maybe in another language or from a few years ago.
In the first part – Article you can read about what is programming, then you’ll walked through the lessons with step by step instructions - how to create your first program, using methods and variables, controlling program flow, creating your own classes, i.e. essential programming techniques.
The second part – Project code files contains different samples and forms, such as My first application, application designer, resources designer, settings designer and so on.
The third part – Video is the object-lesson, you can see everything you read in the Article.
So it’s a good set of learning information to gain necessary knowledge and start programming.

Julia Galygo
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